New Krugerrand bond guarantees the physical delivery of gold to 100 per cent

Johannesburg, South Africa, 8 May 2018: The Krugerrand (1oz) gold bond which is tradable on the stock exchange and physically covered by the Krugerrand gold coin with a fine gold content of at least 916,66/1000 securitises the right to delivery of the coins to 100 per cent. This is ensured by BayernLB Nuremberg and guaranteed to investors.

In comparison to other listed gold products, investors invest in actual 1 oz bullion coins which can, upon request, be delivered to them at any time – something which occurs automatically upon final maturity after 10 years. From a legal viewpoint, the Krugerrand bond (ISIN / WKN: DE000A2F6KP1 / A2F6KP) is a bearer bond which is traded as a security on the stock exchange (unofficial market of the Stuttgart Exchange) during the entire period.

Hereby BayernLB, which is responsible for the storage of the coins, assumes the packaging and dispatch to the investor. The forms which must be completed and detailed information is available on the “Information leaflet on the transport of the Krugerrand gold coins” which is available on the website of the issuer, the Gesellschaft zur Verbriefung von Lieferansprüchen auf Edelmetalle mbH (G.V.L.E.).

With regard to the coffered stock of Krugerrand gold coins, BayernLB has finalised an insurance policy which insures the stock values to their full value against any losses resulting from particular risks. The transport of the coins to the investors is also insured.

Further information is available on (German).

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