Side channel blowers – background knowledge on faults, defects and maintenance

SKVTechnik reports on proper behavior in case of faults, defects and maintenance of side channel blowers.

Maintenance (SKVTechnik hints for maintenance):

Before starting scheduled maintenance or before repairing or repairing the device, take the following precautions:

– Turn off the main switch to disconnect the device from the mains.
– Attach a sign to the system control and controls of the device with the inscription: “DANGER! Maintenance work in progress. “
– Let the device cool down!

– Wait until the device is completely stopped, d. h., The fan of the electric motor and consequently the impeller no longer rotates.
– Before disconnecting lines, make sure that there is no negative pressure or overpressure in them and that no liquids can escape from the device or system!
– Observe the maintenance instructions in this operating manual.

Risk of cutting or shearing due to the impeller rotation.
Through the openings of the machine housing and cover, after removing the connecting elbows or blind flanges, access is gained to the rotating impeller! In no case the hands or objects by the o. G. Insert openings.

Dangerous electrical voltage!
Inappropriate behavior can cause serious injury! Work on the electrical equipment may only be carried out by qualified and qualified electricians! Before working on the device or the system, the following precautions must be taken:
– Disconnect the mains voltage;
– secure the device against restart;
– only open the terminal box after making sure that there is no voltage.

Danger due to hot surfaces!
Under operating conditions, the unit could overheat, exposing the operator to hot surfaces. Do not touch the device during operation. Let it cool after switching off and wait at least 20 minutes before any intervention.
Danger due to rotating components: Cooling fan of the electric motor.
Although all measures have been taken to reduce the existing hazards during development, there are residual risks due to fan rotation.

Protective measures against risks:
– Do not wear loose or hanging clothes.
– Do not approach with open long hair.

Danger due to the noise level of the device!
Some machines can develop a high level of noise, even over 80 dB (A). The reference values (without consideration of the room reverb) are given in the table of technical data. Protective measures against risks:
Determine the actual sound pressure of the machine at the installation site and if necessary:
– Mark areas with noise hazard accordingly
– prescribe the use of PPE
– isolate the room.

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