Marketing for Business Center

The importance of marketing is often underestimated

Proper marketing is a lengthy process of finding the customer’s needs, says Rieta de Soet, Managing Director of GMC Global Management Consultants AG, Zug.

For entrepreneurs, marketing is the opportunity to win and retain customers, continues Rieta de Soet.
She says, “Marketing is more than advertising, marketing is a business philosophy, a system that drives business.”

Marketing is divided into different forms:

Corporate vision:
Every entrepreneur must develop a corporate vision, says Rieta de Soet. The basic question should be: What will the ideal image of my company look like in the future? Visions appeal more to people’s hearts than to the mind, yet a vision is always an orientation and order function.

In-house sales:
Sales by the customer in person, sales by employees, sales on customer request.

Non-external selling agencies:
Business center agencies, brokers, franchisor.

Pricing policy:
It’s not the Business Center itself that determines the price of the service, says Rieta de Soet, but the market dictates what prices to enforce. Regular market observations are the decisive guideline for a good pricing policy.

As a business economist, Rieta de Soet is convinced that in times of tough cost calculation and relentless controlling a 100% cost overview is more important than ever. Customers use cost management in the Business Center and only pay for the services they actually use. For Rieta de Soet, it is clear that contracting with a Business Center is a serious economic alternative to traditional administrative structures.

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